Alpine Tundra

Geographic Locations of Alpine Tundra

The Alpine tundra begins above the timberline or tree line is the elevation (the altitude of a place above sea level or ground level) at which tree growth stops. The mountain timberline always would be higher near the Equator. Also it lies just below the snow line of a mountain. As you go up a mountain, you will travel through many biomes. In the North American Rocky Mountains you begin in a desert biome. As you climb you go through a deciduous (not permanent) forest biome, grassland biome, steppe biome, and taiga biome before you reach the cold Alpine biome. Because the alpine tundra is so high the oxygen is very little so the tree population is very small. 
It is the tallest life zone, the alpine tundra can be found at any latitude on earth. The altitude is about 10,000 feet or more. However, the elevation that the alpine tundra begins is different depending on where you are.

Where to find Alpine Tundra on a world map

Where Alpine Tundra is located

Unlike arctic tundra the alpine tundra regions are spread out all over the place on earth. These are a few areas where alpine tundra is located: Rockies, Sierra, and Cascade Mountains in North America, the Andes in South America, the Himalayas in Asia, the Alps and Pyrenees in Europe, and the Rift Mountains of Africa. 

Some more: Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, Baffin Island in North Eastern Canada, Northern Scandinavia and Northern regions of Russia and Siberia, Colorado Mountain and Pikes Peak in Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park in Colorado, Obstruction Point in Olympic National Park in Washington, Mount Washington in White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire, Humphrey's Peak which is part of the San Francisco Peaks in Arizona.